In 2019, Dior moved from its single-floor office to a new location in midtown Manhattan. Though only a few blocks away, its new office fills four floors above the lobby. With more space comes more empty wall to fill, and what better to fill them than inspiring quotes by Christian Dior? In addition to the quotes, the elevator landing on each floor is to have a custom wallpaper design. And don't forget about the bird, monkey, and giraffe that permanently resides outside the lunch room.


The design challenge for this project was mostly about the method of mounting. The client initially wanted the quotes to stand off the wall, but the project manager found out that all the walls in the building were made of Corian, which is an artificial faux marble. If you drill into Corian, you cannot fill and repaint the holes like a regular wall. The entire wall would need to be replaced. The solution was to laser-cut all the quotes from thin PETG and mount them to the walls using 3M VHB twin stick tape.

Another design challenge had to do with the custom wallpaper design. Dior's design team from France had sent vector files containing assets for a wainscoting pattern, which they had wanted scaled and printed. However, the files were corrupt and required manual reassembly of the vector. Furthermore, the design team engineered custom mounts, shelves, and vitrines for all corridor decoration, including the bird and the monkey outside the lunch room. 

Client / 

Christian Dior


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Design Engineer


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Jerry Q


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